Thursday, August 29, 2013

What are we willing to pay to be free? In today's day and age, nothing is for free. Our founding fathers payed the heavy price for America's freedom. They suffered and revolted for their seed to be free in generations to come. However, are we still free? Do we value security over freedom? Should we?
Freedom means different things in literature. Sometimes it's freedom from our past, or our guilt. Or freedom from authoritative guidance and control. What are characters willing to pay to choose for themselves and be "free?" That's what I'm looking to discover. But the question does not stop with literary characters I study this year. I want to know at what point do people say enough is enough when it comes to fighting for their freedom. Are they willing to sacrifice their life? Or just some land to make choices for themselves. This type of struggle is occurring all over the world and I'm going to study it and determine what freedom means to the human race today. What are YOU willing to pay to be free?